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Not even my batting gloves will save me if I hit the ball low on the barrel.

Here’s hoping.. *crosses fingers*


Fall in Duluth, from Enger Tower
I took this last year.

I’ve got a similar photo from my freshman year of college when I went to UMD. Duluth is beautiful in the fall.


Fall in Duluth, from Enger Tower

I took this last year.

I’ve got a similar photo from my freshman year of college when I went to UMD. Duluth is beautiful in the fall.

(via chongwonisright-deactivated2013)


   Your afternoon autumnal ambrosia from Kew Gardens, officially known as The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in southwest London, England. If you are a gardener, plants-man, botanist, herbologist, or flower lover, this is your dream world. Kew contains a bazillion gardens, dozens of botanical greenhouses, the world’s largest collection of plants, a library of books, botanical illustrations, photographs, letters, and manuscripts (over a million items) AND they do forensic research. Yes, they do. The Kew forensic scientists ascertained the contents of the stomach of a headless corpse found in the Thames to contain a highly toxic African bean.

   Although that really leads to more questions if you ask me, because when that bean got in the corpse’s stomach the head was obviously still on it. And why make someone eat that poisonous bean if you knew you were gonna cut their head off anyway? It is a case for Sherlock Holmes. (anyway, this is from Creative Commons)

The things I didn’t know (and should have) while I was living in London. *sigh* This is absolutely gorgeous. 


Quebec, Canada

I haven’t been this impatient for autumn and winter in a really long time, but it needs to happen now. Please?


Autumn in Holland


After staring at this photo for a few minutes, I have a really strong urge to go running along that path.


Autumn is my favorite season. Especially in Minnesota, and when I read on MPR news this morning that fall colors are going to be “the best fall colors in 10 years”, I got excited. Other than taking pictures of these “best fall colors”, here are my other favorite things about fall:

sweaters, scarves, layering clothing in general


a fireplace and a good book

hot coffee beverages

see-your-own-breath mornings

backpacks and school supplies

the “fall/cross country smell” (golf course grass, fallen leaves, exhaustion, adrenaline)

football games

snappy night air

apple orchards (tractor rides)

the rowing team on the Mississippi

snuggling up with blankets on porches/decks/anywhere outside


I couldn’t agree more, especially with your comment about the “cross country” smell. I was beginning to think no one understood that but me. It’s a lovely smell and I miss that adrenaline. :)


Saronno, Italy

(by Anche*)

This needs to happen in Minnesota. And preferrably as soon as possible. I get so excited for autumn it’s ridiculous, but it’s my favorite time of year, because of moments like the one captured above.

Those two, in the center of the photo, walking hand in hand? You can’t help but want to share a day like this with someone.


Nottingham, England (by Duncan~)

 It needs to be October.. like, tomorrow.  All I want to do now is go for a drive through the Minnesota River valley (or Mississippi, I’m not picky) and see things like this..

Pretty please, Mother Nature? I’ll be good, I swear.

And the Sheriff of this town has the best business card ever.


   Autumn at Cambridge University; England. I want to morph into Padfoot and roll around ecstatically on this lawn. And then sleep out there all night. (posted on by connie).

Do you have to be a student here to run around barefoot in the grass? If only I’d thought about my university choices more carefully… :P


Schwetzingen, Germany

(by Mónica (Monguinhas))

 When I’m old and grey, I’m going to go here and sit on that bench all frickin’ day and stare at the water and the leaves and the gorgeous that is this place.

And that sentence was terrible, but this photo is so pretty it’s rendered me incoherent.