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The Chameleon Effect: that moment when you realize you’ve started absorbing your friends’ mannerisms as your own.

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Because if we get a season 3 and Wally comes back, I sortofkindofmaybe want a sobbing emotional Dick Grayson
(Does it make more sense if I have the other one up there?)

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Artemis took up running after Wally disappeared as a way to stay connected to him.

She’d go for a run in the evenings when it was quiet and the only thing she could hear was the sound of her feet rhythmically hitting the pavement. As her endurance improved and she grew faster, she started entering races to satisfy her cravings for competition.

The faster her times were the closer to Wally she felt, and for a few minutes at a time, with the wind in her face and her heart pounding in her chest, it was like he was still there with her. Those were the times she smiled the widest and felt the most like herself.

Eventually the races went from 5k’s and 10k’s up to half-marathons and full marathons, and her mother was worried she was going to hurt herself. Time after time, she reassured her mother she was fine and that she was being careful, knowing exactly what her body could and couldn’t handle.

Physical soreness from a race she could handle, sure- a tight hamstring or achy hip was par for the course. The ache of missing Wally, the emptiness she felt in her very soul whenever she stopped running, that was unbearable. The only way to keep it at bay was to keep running.

And so that’s exactly what she did.



viria’s, ahhh! ♥

oh man, I completely forgot to reblog that whoops

Why hello there, Spitfire feels I haven’t felt in a long time.. *cries in a corner*

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“Are you sure they won’t find us down here?” Artemis said; her words echoed and distorted against the domed ceiling about a head above her. She tread water to stay afloat. “I mean, it’s not exactly a stretch, thinking you’d go hiding in the water.”

“Perhaps,” Kaldur responded, “but it is likely that Wally will be too busy seeking out Robin to look for us. I believe that by the time he’s succeeded and comes to find us, we’ll be glad to be found.”

Artemis raised her eyebrows — a pointless gesture in the dark (unless Atlanteans had night vision? Mental note: ask Kaldur). “You’re, uh, taking this whole Hide And Seek thing pretty seriously.”

“It is about tactics, is it not?” A slight splashing, as if Kaldur were making gestures with his hand. “Finding the best hiding place. I admit that it’s obvious for me to hide in the water, but this place is hidden well enough that Wally could swim back and forth directly in front of it and never once glance at it.”

She had to admit — their hiding place was fairly well-concealed: a bubble of air almost, but not quite, inside the rocky cliff face. It was half full of water, large enough to fit four teenagers such as themselves, and almost as black as pitch. Beneath the water, its entrance was hidden by a formation of rocks, so the only clue that it existed was a small gap peering over the surface (which was also how Artemis was able to breathe).

Of course, that air hole would be easily covered if the tide rose. Artemis took comfort in the rebreather that Kaldur had pressed into her hand.

Kaldur was right about another thing, too: by the time they were found, she’d be grateful to be released from this dumb game. In fact, she was already starting to bore of it. How the hell did this manage to keep little kids occupied for so long? She tipped her head back and sighed — then yelped, more out of surprise than pain, when she felt something tug on her hair. “Kaldur!

Kaldur whispered something Atlantean (she was no expert, but it sounded like a curseword). “I apologise — I think I caught my hand on your hair by mistake. There…is a large amount of it floating in the water.”

“Hm. Hey, Kal, can Atlanteans see in the dark better than normal humans?” Only when it had left her mouth did she realise was a weird question it was to suddenly spring upon him. “I mean, if you don’t mind answering! It’s just…what with you guys living at the bottom of the ocean, ‘n’all…”

Kaldur chuckled, and Artemis relaxed. “It is fine. We Atlanteans do have slightly better vision in the dark, yes — but I still find darkness as thick as this difficult to see in. Atlantean cities are rather well-lit, and many of us are capable of using magic to illuminate darker water. Do you wish me to give us some light?”

“If you don’t mind. I’d rather know when I’m about to accidentally swim into a wall.”

The water around Artemis began to hum, before the ethereal, silver-blue glow lit up Kaldur’s face — closer than she’d thought.

Artemis and Kaldur blinked rapidly, finding each other in extremely close proximity. Kaldur’s blush was suddenly very visible. “I-I-I am sorry,” he stammered, but didn’t move away. “I did not mean to —”

What happened next wasn’t an entirely well-thought-out decision. Artemis wasn’t sure what possessed her — only that in the pale light his sharp cheekbones and full lips were suddenly very defined and she was heavily aware that he lacked a shirt, and his eyes were a stunning aquamarine colour and he looked so amusingly concerned, so Kaldur-ish

And she lurched upwards and kissed him.

At first he reacted with obvious surprise. He simply bobbed there as if frozen, eyes wide and mouth unresponsive, and Artemis was just beginning to think oh god what the hell am I doing and preparing to pull away when his webbed hand pressed against the back of her head and his mouth opened — and he was kissing her back.

The water hummed more energetically than before. Sparks flew between their tongues. Embarrassment was banished from Artemis’ mind in the wake of Kaldur’s enthusiastic response and Jesus Christ, why didn’t I do this sooner?

When the two of them finally pulled away from each other, her arms were around his neck, his arms were around her waist, and their cheeks were matching shades of pink. They blinked at each other dazedly for a few moments.

Artemis was the first to speak. “Um,” she said, then laughed. “Um. Wow.”

The corners of Kaldur’s mouth twitched upwards, eyes still transfixed by Artemis’ own. “Wow, indeed,” he breathed. “That…that was…”



Artemis laughed again, tucking hair behind her ear and leaning forward. “Y’know,” she murmured, “this kid’s game isn’t as boring as I thought it’d be…”


This was brilliant!

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yay! spitfire : D …. ummm I suppose this is after the mission? between the mission? I don’t know… what you prefered :)

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When did I turn into such a Spitfire shipper? O.o

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Frostbite883 requested a fic in which Dick and Artemis comfort each other after losing Wally. And I was more than happy to oblige!

I hope this is what you were looking for, my friend. It sort of exploded and got out of hand, but once I start writing about Dick Grayson, I can’t bring myself to stop. ;)

In the weeks since a trio of speedsters saved the world, the lives of many members of the Justice League were gradually returning to normal. There was a lot to do and follow up on, whether it was making sure the Reach would be punished for their actions or tracking down leads on Vandal Savage. Most didn’t even have time to catch their breath let alone think about Wally or how much he was missed.

Unless you were one of the people to whom Wally was closest.

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Young Justice: 2x20 - Endgame

Nope. No. Not okay. So far from okay it’s ridiculous. Too soon. Can’t handle it.


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How did it go from this:

To this:

Endgame was a beautiful episode and I think if the show does actually stop there, I’ll be fine with that. Despite Wally being gone, it ended with a lot of hope and even Dick walked away knowing everyone would be alright. It doesn’t make it any easier to bear, however, but it makes sense that his final act would be sacrificing himself to save everyone else.

That way he knew Artemis would be okay.


Yay! for that Anon that asked me yesterday to draw some spitfire babysitting lian C: 

And what a fine job you did! This is fantastic!!

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The rain can’t hurt me now

This rain will wash away what’s past

And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

I’ll sleep in your embrace at last.

I know y’all need some Spitfire angst


btw, if Wally is wearing the Flash suit, it probably means Barry’s dead too, so… yeah. just a friendly reminder.

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