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Bart: Haha! See what I did there with the “run”?

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3. 8. 10.
mizmahlia mizmahlia Said:

Aaaaaaand I’m a slacker for taking so long to answer this. :D

I’m gonna go with Young Justice, if that’s okay. :)

2. Have you actually given it a thought why you hate your NOtp or was it just a thing like “hate at first sight”?

I don’t have a NOtp, but initially I was so annoyed with Spitfire it wasn’t even funny. I couldn’t even stand to say the ship name at first. I think it was due to the fact that so many fans put Wally and Artemis together so quickly and so fiercely, and for me it didn’t feel like it worked and since it was everywhere, it got on my nerves. That and I was still am so obsessed with Roy- I thought he and Artemis had more chemistry than Wally and Artemis at the time.

Although I now accept and embrace Wally and Artemis, I still can’t bring myself to use the ship name. Then again, I don’t use ship names for any pairings, so.. *shrug* :)

5. Take your favorite character and your favorite character from another show and tell me how those two characters are alike.

Roy Harper and Dean Winchester. They’ve got gorgeous jawlines, a ton of snark, deadly aim and they don’t give themselves enough credit for the kickass things they do, instead having some self-esteem and trust issues.


8.Assign real world jobs to your top 5 favorite characters. (AKA human!AU, who would work in what job?)

Dick Grayson: Starring in underwear commercials with his gorgeous butt. Kidding! Not really. With his charming and generous personality, I can see him being some kind of philanthropic businessman like Bill Gates. He’d use the charm to shed light on and bring attention to issues that need funding and get the projects started with his own funds.

Zatanna Zatarra: Award-winning actress and playwright.

Wally West: University chemistry/other miscellaneous sciences professor.

Artemis Crock: Partner in her own law firm that specializes in adoptions, protecting children and fighting for those who can’t afford the help they need.

Jade Nguyen: Badass for hire, recovering stolen goods and people for those willing to pay handsomely for her services.

The Chameleon Effect: that moment when you realize you’ve started absorbing your friends’ mannerisms as your own.

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Because if we get a season 3 and Wally comes back, I sortofkindofmaybe want a sobbing emotional Dick Grayson
(Does it make more sense if I have the other one up there?)

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"What was lost, can’t be regained

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Artemis took up running after Wally disappeared as a way to stay connected to him.

She’d go for a run in the evenings when it was quiet and the only thing she could hear was the sound of her feet rhythmically hitting the pavement. As her endurance improved and she grew faster, she started entering races to satisfy her cravings for competition.

The faster her times were the closer to Wally she felt, and for a few minutes at a time, with the wind in her face and her heart pounding in her chest, it was like he was still there with her. Those were the times she smiled the widest and felt the most like herself.

Eventually the races went from 5k’s and 10k’s up to half-marathons and full marathons, and her mother was worried she was going to hurt herself. Time after time, she reassured her mother she was fine and that she was being careful, knowing exactly what her body could and couldn’t handle.

Physical soreness from a race she could handle, sure- a tight hamstring or achy hip was par for the course. The ache of missing Wally, the emptiness she felt in her very soul whenever she stopped running, that was unbearable. The only way to keep it at bay was to keep running.

And so that’s exactly what she did.



viria’s, ahhh! ♥

oh man, I completely forgot to reblog that whoops

Why hello there, Spitfire feels I haven’t felt in a long time.. *cries in a corner*

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Wally’s got it right :)

As much as I love Spitfire, in this case my OTP allegiance lies with Chalant. There’s something about Dick and Zatanna. *happy sigh, then looks at Supey’s face*
*snickers into my coffee*




Wally’s got it right :)

As much as I love Spitfire, in this case my OTP allegiance lies with Chalant. There’s something about Dick and Zatanna. *happy sigh, then looks at Supey’s face*

*snickers into my coffee*



you were supposed to go where i’m going ಥ_ಥ

had some downtime before meeting with my project partner so i threw this together. i’ll add this to the backlog of things i should revisit and execute better someday


Just so you know? Those are my feelings he’s trying to resuscitate.

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I was inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Allison Beals & Her 25 Eels and I wrote a little something about my feels.

I call it: MizMahlia’s 25 Feels (The Young Justice Edition)

MizMahlia has twenty-five feels:
There’s one for the Boy of Steel,

And two more for Wally West and Dick Grayson
(And likely another she has forgotten)

She saves three of her feels for Roy Harper,
And one more for Green Arrow, his partner.

She has a strong feel for Kaldur ‘Ahm
And now even a small one for L’Gann!

Five of them she uses for her OTP’s
(But she shares them with her BroTP’s.)

Of course there’s one for Miss Martian
And another for Tim Drake as Robin

With a new feel for Blue Beetle,
Who she is relieved is not evil,

There are two strong feels for Bart
(She’s had, just not from the start)

Her feels for Babs, Cassie and Zee
Together make three!

And there’s one for Spitfire
And the last for the ships she admires.

Sadly MizMahlia had twenty-five feels-
But ‘Endgame’ was a traumatic ordeal.

I think I need help…

"you, me, wally... we- we founded this team."

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